It’s the dawn of a new day here in Sydney, and fuck it all, let’s lay down some goals for the remainder of this year.

French. A good friend is currently building solar installations in Sierra Leone, and I want in. It’d be badass. How? Vocab books, check. Duolingo for a half hour nightly. Check. A pair of French friends? Done.

Read more. I have Edwards Gibbons’ ‘The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire’ on my bookshelf, and I’m going to read it. Half hour nightly, and more on the weekends.

Build my all-rounder mountain bike. My old commuter needs investment in a seat, a bottom bracket, brakes, pedals, and some fresh wheels. It’ll suit the trail, and the hard stuff, with different rubber.

Motorcycle license.

Save towards my pilot’s license.

Book a flight to India for January/February 2017 for a trip on the rails.

Become a better boxer during the week, and surfer during the weekends.

You saw it here, folks. Six months to go.




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