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I’d always assumed that with age, comes a taste for creature comfort. Not the grandiosity of home, two cars and cottages, necessarily – just the basics of home and hearth, and a full fridge. It isn’t a lot to ask, but it’s typically enough to keep you localised.

You aren’t held back by your possessions any more than you are by your mindset. Either one can breed a level of inflexibility in your decision-making, making even the smaller moves in your given day privy to a moment of pause. One is only as free as they decide that they are. But this feeling does tend to magnify with time. I can only imagine how people would react with kids around.

On some days, it does take more to get loose, and just move about the city, doing little more than finding odd coffee shops to work and study. But it’s the most important part of my day. I need that variety, or risk falling in to a trap of constant boredom, looking no further than the screen or the basics of my world around me, without delving further than the walls, word of mouth, or someone else’s writing.

In this early-30s life, I’ve caught myself becoming passive, an observer to my own life. I have looked at the things that I want in life – a family, locational freedom, money for a reasonable crib and to indulge my habits – with the same long-distance view that I’ve held since youth, not with the goal-orientated approach that they require to actually obtain.

The best method of breaking out of this reality? Travel, a fitness kick, a session on the beers with friends. Bounce some ideas around. Break out of the day-to-day mould, and ask yourself, how does one change? On a micro scale, on a macro scale?

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