Travel Young

Your youth offers an incredible platform for travel, experience, learning, and creativity.

According to the experts, that closely-held adaptiveness, and willingness to try, leaves us with age. If you aren’t listening to funk music by the age of 28, there is a 95% chance that you never will. Your youth is all about exposure and discovery, and an acceptance of the new and the weird, as our ability to embrace it fleeting.

There’s no fighting our brain’s pathology, try as we might. And while we can work against the breakdown, to rage against the dying of the light, it dies nonetheless.

So imagine the logic behind saving all of your travel days for a long-awaited retirement?

You’ve just got so much less to give. You need more sleep, you’re probably accustomed to greater comfort. Dietary restraints. Sore muscles refusing to lug a backpack up yet another flight of stairs in some dodgy neighbourhood.

There is a noted difference in the way that you are regarded, as well. The youth are afforded some more benefit of the doubt. They are greeted with more casual aplomb, less so as walking tourist dollar factories. And why not? You have more energy, more innocence, and being ignorant about local custom is far more forgivable.

Old age gives way moreso to a lust for wilderness, more than crowds, at least within my group. Late nights in the city gives way to touring rides, the club gives way to the campsite.

So don’t delay it. You have an entire adulthood in which to indulge your sensible side. Pack up and leave.

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